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In order to maintain the quality and the sustainability of SEELS different types of membership are foreseen: - Regular member, - Associate member, - Honorary member.

Regular members are those who have the right to participate in the policy development and the decision making processes within the Management Board and a full voting right. Associate members are those involved in individual programs and activities implemented by SEELS without being a regular member. Honorary members are those who have significantly contributed to the SEELS's establishment, operation or activities.

The membership criteria are the following:
Public Universities/Law Faculties may join SEELS upon decision made by the Management Board of SEELS. The members should meet the following criteria:

  • To be able to significantly contribute to the SEELS in regard to the information, knowledge and funding;
  • To have a capacity (time, funding and staffing) to participate in SEELS.

The Management Board shall decide upon the interest to become a member of the SEELS and on membership status of the interested party. For acceptance as a regular member anonymous decision is needed by all Management Board members. For the associate membership majority of vote is sufficient.

The regular members have the obligation to participate in the SEELS projects and contribute to the activities of the Network financially. The annual contribution, as set in 2015 is 2.500 EUR per year. The amount is decided by the Management Board of SEELS as per the needs of the Network. For the associate members the contribution fee is decided by the Board when deciding on the application.

The procedure is rather simple. The interested party submits an application as per the application form. The application is reviewed by the Management Board.”

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SEELS Membership Application for Regular Members



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SEELS Membership Application for Associate Members