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NEW: Reader from Summer School "Protection of Ethnic Minorities"

Along with our partners, Europa-Institut from Saarland University, we are glad to announce that we have produced another publication. It is the Reader which comes out as a result of the project "Reflecting ethnic heterogeneity and tolerance towards national minorities in the legal education in South East Europe and Germany" or more precisely the Summer School "Protection of Ethnic Minorities" that took place in Durrës, Albania from the 3rd to the 10th of September 2017.

This Reader contains multiple articles that correspond to the lectures during the aforementioned Summer School. Thus, one could read more about:
- the concept of multiculturalism and the right of participation;
- the concept of minorities: theoretical and practical considerations;
- the prohibition of discrimination as an important element of the Minority Protection;
- the hate crimes and hate speech against minorities;
- the UN regime on minority protection along with a critical assessment in its respect;
- the European Court of Human Rights and its case law in the area of interest;
- the Council of Europe regime along with a critical assessment in its respect;
- the EU protection of minority rights;
- the right to self-determination in international law;
- the hate crimes as discriminatory violations

The articles are written by the following authors:
- Ljubomir D. Frčkoski
- Damir Banović
- Thomas Giegerich
- Tanasije Marinković
- Enis Omerović
- Maša Marochini Zrinski
- Dovilė Gailiūtė
- Helga Špadina
- Petra Perišić
- Elena Mihajlova Stratilati

The integral publication is available HERE.

The views, standpoints, etc. expressed in the Reader are ones of the authors only and do not necessarily coincide with Europa-Institut, Saarland University's nor the South East European Law School Network's (SEELS).

The entire project and the publication of this Reader is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service
(DAAD) and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.