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SEELS receives grant from Western Balkans Fund for the project “Education4Progress"

We are grateful for the trust and support of the Western Balkans Fund and are looking forward to a successful implementation phase!
Fitting in the call’s thematic area Education and Scientific the projects central activity will be a regional conference related to EU Law teaching in Niš, Serbia later this year. The Regional Conference “EU Law Teaching in Western Balkans” should serve as a platform for exchange of information related to the models of EU Law teaching. The scholars shall have the opportunity to learn more about the models across the SEELS Network and, ultimately, envisage changes in the curricula at their home Faculties. Each of SEELS members will be represented during the Regional Conference.

The Proposal contains several sporadic activities as well:
Formation of an Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee will be composed of the Centre for SEELS (two members) and one member from each Faculty that will host an event (see below). Its task is to logistically prepare the events.
Formation of an Academic Committee
The Academic Committee will be consisted of four members, one per each SEELS’ member from Croatia. Its task will be to prepare a survey prior to the Conference, to draft the Regional Conference agenda and to moderate the discussion, as well as to draft the Conference Proceedings.
Survey on the models of EU Law teaching
In order to make the discussion during the Regional Conference more productive, we envisaged a survey to take place prior to it. It will be prepared by the Academic Committee and answered by the participating professors from the other SEELS members (individually). The questions in the survey will be focused on the models of EU Law teaching.
Conference Proceedings
The Regional Conference will result with Conference Proceedings, where the crucial points and conclusions will be emphasized.
Promotional Days
The Promotional Days will be the last activity. They will take place in Belgrade, Tirana, Skopje and Sarajevo and will serve for promotion of the Project and the Conference Proceedings. They will be attended by all interested professors and students, while the moderation will be taken care of by the respective professors who attended the Regional Conference.
More information about the Grant Award Ceremony can be found in the official press release of the Western Balkans Fund.