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SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in EU and International Law
Moments from the Trainings of Multipliers

Second SEE LJ Editorial Board meeting held (Belgrade 2019)

The second meeting of the Editorial Board was held at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade on 28-30 of October. The editors had a chance to discuss the current issues of the publication of the journal, the editorial policy and to crate strategies for future development of the publication. Having analyzed the developments within the Strengthening of the EU Law Studies project which is in its last year of implementation and as a major component had  included publication of 4 issues of SEE LJ, the board reached a conclusion that three years of the implementation were extremely beneficial / significant for the further development of the journal. The project had strengthened the internal structures, capacities and dynamics within the process of the publication of the journal, helped improve its structure as well as its editorial policy, and provided so much sothafter continuity of publication. It helped further in the promotion of the publication, and made it a catalyst for wider public debate on relevant EU Law topics.

Having all this in mind, the Editorial Board have decided that the next logical step in the development of the journal would be registration at relevant data bases for which the first steps haven ben initiated. Secondly, the Editorial Board was of a strong conviction that the SEE LJ should continue with regular publication of content after the closure of this project too. And though the printed versions might not be available for a while, it was unanimous decision of the EB that the SEE LJ should continue with publication in e form as it was before. The new policy entails that the journal will be open to a wider audience including interested authors from the region, specifically PhD candidates and the legal practitioners who would be interested in contributing. Having all this in mind, the EB had agreed that the new Call for Papers should be published in January 2020, stating clearly that the new editions will be now published outside of the JM “Strengthening the EU Law Studies in SEE” project and under the auspices of SEELS. The new editions will be published in e format solely, and the Centre for SEELS will work on conducting all of the necessary activities to register the publication in at least one relevant data base. The possibility of retroactive registration of the numbers of the SEE LJ will be additionally explored.


SEELS aims to further harmonise curricula across the SEE region and to organise and offer additional postgraduate and doctoral courses as well as summer schools. At the same time SEELS also supports the exchange of lecturers and students among the participating law schools and invites leading international academics and practitioners to South Eastern Europe. Besides, SEELS designs programmes of executive training for different legal professions.


SEELS facilitates intensified academic legal research in the region by connecting leading academics in the fields of common interest and organises joint conferences, research programs  and forums. Thereby, the academics of the region are linked with their counterparts from the leading European or other international law schools and research institutes.


SEELS provides quality and easy accessible regional publications on relevant legal topics, publishes proceedings, analyses, findings and research papers from organised legal research forums and other events. SEELS also publishes the SEE Law Journal which is the first regional law journal in English language in South East Europe. It offers legal researchers and practitioners a discursive space for scholarly exchange on the issues of legal reform and harmonisation on the domestic level in direct relation with questions regarding regional cooperation as well as European integration.