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Call for Application: Master in European Integration (Academic Year 2015/2016) - University of Belgrade Faculty of Law

 We would like to inform You that the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is announcing the enrollment for the eight generation of the master students in the Master`s Academic Program - MASTER IN EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, Academic year 2015/2016.

Master`s Academic Studies - MASTER IN EUROPEAN INTEGRATION (MEI) has been implemented at the Belgrade University Faculty of Law since academic year 2008/2009. This master program is granted with the National academic accreditation, as well as with the re-accreditation after the first five years of implementation, and can enroll up to 60 students each academic year for one year lasting MEI-60ECTS, and up to 10 students for two years lasting MEI-120 ECTS. The official language of the program is English. The program is also open to foreign students, and we had already enrolled students from more than 25 countries.

Enrollment for the eighth class of MEI will be from September 21st, 2015 to October 24th, 2015. The eligibility requirements for the one year MEI (60 ECTS) are a Bachelor's Degree, with at least 240 ECTS, from the law faculty or social sciences-humanities. The eligibility requirements for the two year MEI 120 ECTS are a Bachelor Degree, with at least 180 ECTS, from the law faculty or social sciences-humanities. After successful completion of MEI 60 ECTS or MEI 120 ECTS, a student acquires the academic degree: Master of Laws in European Integration. Candidates from social sciences-humanities have an additional requirement of preliminary registration for MEI and must pass the differential exams. International students who intend to enroll in MEI must complete the procedure of diploma recognition before official enrollment. Students must attend three mandatory/introductory courses – Introduction to the Economic System of the EU, Introduction to the Political System of the EU, Introduction to the Legal System of the EU, as well as the Practical skills course. Additionally, students opt for four courses among twenty one offered courses. Each student also has an obligation to write and defend one seminar paper and master thesis.

Applications should be submitted to the Office for Master's and Doctoral Studies, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 67, 11000 Belgrade, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia, Tel. +381 11 3027 677.

For more inform see http://pogestei.ius.bg.ac.rs or www.ius.bg.ac.rs