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Public debate on Anti-discrimination in Zagreb

The distinguished participants were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law Zagreb, Ms Prof. Dr. Dubravka Hrabar.
30 participants from Governmental and non-governmental institutions participated at the event:
•Government of Republic of Croatia, Office of Human rights and rights of national minorities
•Civil Rights Project Sisak, NGO
•Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights
•Centre for Peace Studies
•Association for protection of women and children from domestic violence
•Association of disabled workers
•Croatian Union of Associations of physically disabled persons
•Federation of Independent Trade Unions
•Association of Croatian Trade Unions
•Office of the Ombudsman
•Office of the Ombudsman for Gender equality
•Office of the Ombudsman for children
•Office of the Ombudsman for disabled persons
•Faculty of Law, Zagreb
•Faculty of Law, Osijek
•Faculty of Law, Rijeka
•Law Clinic of the Law Faculty; Zagreb
•Law Clinic of the Law Faculty; Split
•Academy of Law
•Commission for the Protection of Persons with Mental Disorders
Statements and short presentations were given from the Experts (Mr. Prof. Dr. Vinković, Ms Prof. Dr. Bodiroga-Vukobrat, Ms Prof. Dr. Petričušić) engaged to draft the National Antidiscrimination Study on “Challenges and Systematic Obstacles for Effective legal Protection against Discrimination in Croatia”, “ The Role of Courts in Combating Discrimination and Procedural Aspects in Discrimination Cases”, and “ The Role of Universities in Combating Discrimination and Development of Culture of Rights”:
This was followed by statements from four Ombudsman Deputies and their attitudes regarding Anti- discrimination. The same opinion was also given from the Advisor Judge, Deputy Head of the Law Clinic and the Centre for Peace studies. All agreed that this is a very important topic and should be more addressed to the public by raising awareness and working on deepening all fields of anti-discrimination. It should not be only driven by some very enthusiastic persons, but it should be broth to all layers of society. Therefore this Study Draft on National Antidiscrimination is a very important step improving todays present state towards a future without discrimination.