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Public debate on Anti-discrimination in Podgorica

The purpose of this meeting was to present the findings of a draft report on legal protection against discrimination, which have been done by national experts Prof. Dr. Ivana Jelic and Judge Snezana Armenko. 
The meeting was attended by representatives from Basic Court, Faculty of Law, Judicial Training Center, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Center for Mediation, NVO Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), NVO Civic Alliance. 
Prof. Dr. Ivana Jelic had comprehensive presentation on the legal and institutional setting. She had stressed out the importance of raising awareness and developing a culture of respect for human rights and that this research should provide a good upgrade for improvement. 
Despite the fact that the Montenegrin legislation related to the protection from discrimination is more or less harmonized with the European standards, the participants in the debate have been recognized that there are still significant weaknesses in its implementation and that there is a room for considerable improvement in this field.