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Since August 2017 the SEE Law Journal (SEE LJ) section of this site has merged onto the www.seelawjournal.org. Following the start of the implementation of the “Strengthening the EU Legal Studies in South Eastern Europe” a project that is financially supported by the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Associations programme, many activities were undertaken to support the creation of the new format of the SEE LJ and subsequently the new specially tailored project web site was created. The project itself encompasses advancement and promotion of the exchange of knowledge and views on the development of the legal systems in South Eastern Europe (SEE) in accordance with EU law, as well as the reinforcement of the structures for the development and promotion of the SEE Law Journal. Hence the new multi-functional web site which serves as an informer to all things related to the SEE LJ as well as a platform where the overall production of the SEE LJ was created and placed online last year. All of the information related to the SEE LJ and the Strengthening the EU legal Studies in SEE project are therefore, moved to this new website.

For more information on the SEE Law Journal and the project activities related, please visit seelawjournal.org.